There are a few options available for constructing your house on a tight budget. The most common is a simple, box-like design with a square or rectangular floor plan. This style of home is relatively easy to build, and the basic structure is low-maintenance. If you need extra space, it might be wise to build a two or three-story home. To make a box-like home more interesting, you can add landscaping, shutters, and lighting to the exterior.

Although glass isn’t one of the most cost-effective building materials, it is still a great choice for the exterior design of a home. The material is strong, light, and comes in many different types. Typically, glass is used in portions of a house, such as windows and doors, but it can also be used as an entire facade. A home with this type of glass facade will be more energy-efficient than one without.

While brick is the most common style of house, wood is also a good option. Wood has the benefit of being cheaper and is easy to work with. This material is also easier to install and requires fewer professionals. In contrast, brick requires a brick mason or carpenter to install.
Shipping containers

If you’re on a budget, you can build a shipping container house. One container can be used to build a simple, low-cost house, or two containers can be connected to create a larger home. Shipping containers are surprisingly durable, and you can get treated lumber to make the outside look more natural. However, you’ll have to be careful, because wood degrades quickly in contact with water. You can even build a two-story home, complete with a large garage!
Colonial homes

A colonial-style house is a very affordable style of house to build. This is because this style has been around for 300 years or more. The price of a colonial-style home depends on the size of the foundation, where it’s located, and whether it’s custom-built. The same house in a wealthy neighborhood will cost more to build and maintain than one in a poorer neighborhood.
Modular homes

A modular home can be customized to fit any design or architectural style. They also offer limitless interior design options. A modular home can be built with a pre-designed floor plan, or a buyer can create a customized design that reflects their tastes and preferences.
Prefabricated homes

Building a traditional style house can cost a lot of money, and it’s even more expensive in rapidly growing areas, where demand exceeds supply. However, nontraditional styles like prefabricated homes can be cheaper to build than their traditional counterparts. These houses are manufactured in factories and need only some assemblage at the site. The average cost to build an 1,800-square-foot modular prefabricated home is about $270,000.