Contemporary house designs are often very simple, with more than one story. This gives designers more freedom to play with design. They also tend to use simple details, and are often devoid of unnecessary decoration. For example, cabinets often feature flat panels, with simple slits to open them. These simple details are attractive and inexpensive to create. This style of house is a popular choice for homeowners seeking a home that is modern and stylish, but also offers a low-maintenance living.
Modern architecture

The contemporary house style combines traditional and modern elements, creating an open, airy space. Many contemporary designs feature large, expansive windows and floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces. The use of natural materials in a contemporary house style helps to reduce energy costs and create open living areas.
Floor-to-ceiling windows

A contemporary house style that incorporates floor-to-ceiling windows has several benefits, from bringing light inside the house to fusing it with nature. Floor-to-ceiling windows are ideal for homes with great views, as they allow plenty of light to enter the home. Additionally, they are a great way to draw attention to the architecture of the home, especially if the windows are painted dark.
Wide open spaces

Wide open spaces in a contemporary house style are not only attractive, but practical as well. They are often coated with light colors to create a neutral backdrop. Greys remain popular, but complementary colors can add personality to wide-open spaces. A great place to look for complementary colors is in accent fabrics and rugs. Accent walls can also make a dramatic impact.
Neutral colour palette

Choosing a neutral colour palette for your contemporary house style is a great way to keep your home looking elegant and sophisticated. This simple, but effective approach has many benefits, including a neutral colour scheme that can be used in any room. Neutral shades can create a formal, layered look that is warm and comfortable, and they can also be used to bring out a room’s personality. Neutral colours are particularly well-suited to bedrooms, as they allow for endless possibilities.
Natural materials

Modern homes often make use of natural materials to create a modern aesthetic. Many of these homes incorporate glass as the main facade material, as it offers visibility and protection from the weather. Many of these homes also use cane to create decorative accents and furniture. Bamboo is another environmentally-friendly material that can be used in the construction of modern houses. This material is durable and stain-resistant, making it ideal for contemporary house designs.
Indoor-outdoor connection

An indoor-outdoor connection is an important part of contemporary house styles. It provides several benefits, including increased natural ventilation and a better sense of space. It can also enhance the interior design if it has the right proportions and materials. The key is to create a visual connection between indoors and outdoors.