When it comes to home design, there are many different styles to choose from. Some of these styles are known as modern, mid-century modern, and even minimalist. If you are looking for a modern style, you might want to consider an open floor plan. You can use color to accent these styles, as well.
Modern design

Modern style interiors are often monochromatic with minimal patterns. The color palette is usually neutral, although pops of color are often included. The design is also generally free from ornamentation. Contemporary style homes often use pieces of art, such as paintings, to add visual interest to the space. These pieces are often functional, instead of ornate, and work well with the clean lines and open floor plan of a contemporary style home.
Minimalist design

Minimalist design emphasizes the functionality of objects, while removing complexities and clutter. Furniture and accessories in a minimalist style typically have clean, flat surfaces and are free of patterned ornamentation. Rooms with minimalist furniture and accessories also often have a monochromatic color scheme to avoid confusion and overstuffing.
Mid-century modern design

Mid-century modern is a popular design in today’s homes. Though it is a recent design style, many people think of it as a style that was popular decades ago. This style has become very popular because of its simplicity and specificity. Its design is often characterized by clean lines and streamlined furnishings.
Open floor plan

Creating an open floor plan is a great way to maximize space and encourage family togetherness. Open floor plans are also perfect for entertaining and allow multiple points of entry and exit. These floor plans are especially popular for smaller footprints, but they can benefit larger homes as well.
Neutral colors

When it comes to interior design, neutral colors are a safe, middle ground. They are also versatile and easy to change, which makes them ideal for public spaces.
Natural materials

Contemporary style homes are designed to be sleek, modern, and uncluttered. These homes don’t usually use a lot of color or pattern, instead opting for natural textures and materials. Often, these homes incorporate wood and natural stone materials for their interior and exterior design.