Modern homes feature a simple, open floor plan and a serene exterior. They often feature minimalist rooflines and one front-facing gable. They also have more storage and multi-purpose rooms. They also have large windows. These are just a few of the features of modern homes that make them so different from older homes.
Modern homes have an open floor plan

Open floor plans are a key feature of modern homes. They make entertaining easier, because people can talk while cooking and serving food without having to block each other’s way. They also allow more natural light to enter the home. In addition to adding a sense of space, removing interior walls will increase your home’s resale value.
They have large windows

Modern homes have larger windows than older homes, which are great for the environment and your comfort. These windows can help to regulate the temperature in your house and let in the fresh air. These windows can even help to reduce your electric bill. Moreover, they can give you spectacular landscape views. These views can help you relax and boost your creativity.
They have multipurpose rooms

Multipurpose rooms are great for making the most of your space. This versatile area can accommodate different activities, whether it is entertaining your guests or working in a more relaxed environment. This versatile space can also be designed to be beautiful.
They have more storage

Most modern homes have more closet space than older homes. Older homes are usually long on architectural details and short on closet space. This is because people in the past didn’t need to store as much clothing as we do today. To compensate for this, many homes had cupboards and armoires in other rooms. Today, however, modern homes have large closets in every bedroom.
They have more natural light

Most modern homes are built with natural lighting in mind. Rooms that are used the most are strategically oriented to receive the most natural light. South-facing rooms get the most sunlight during the winter, but less in the summer. North-facing rooms receive a constant flow of light throughout the day, with very little heat. Rooms that face east receive the most natural light early in the morning, and many homes have dining rooms that face the east wall.