A modern house requires a high standard of construction, and the costs associated with a modern home can be substantial. Interior finishes are about twice as expensive as exterior ones, and can account for over seventy percent of the overall building costs. Flooring and tiling can run up to $13,800 each, while insulation can add up to $2,200. Other costs include kitchen cabinets, which can run up to $8,500. Plumbing fixtures can cost between $150 and $350 each. Appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, can add another $10,000 or more to the final cost.
Installation costs

The average cost of building a modern 2000 square foot house depends on several factors, including the location of the house and the materials used in the construction. The labor involved in building the house also contributes to the cost. However, it can be useful to keep the square footage in mind when estimating the costs.

Framing is the main structural part of a house and is usually the most expensive component. The frame can cost between ten and twenty thousand dollars for a 2,000 square foot house. Framing costs also include the shape and roof of the house. Decorative materials can also add to the cost.
Framing costs

Framing projects are typically bid on a square foot basis, and the complexity of your project determines the price. The majority of framers work as subcontractors for general contractors. They provide the labor for your project, but will purchase materials separately. Framing jobs can include everything from basic framing to roof shingles, doors, windows, and house wrap. Some framers also charge by square feet of living space or under the roof.

Framing costs for a modern 2000 square foot house can range from $12,000 to $500,000. The cost varies based on the number of stories and layout of the structure. It also depends on the material used for framing. Framing costs are typically about 18% of the total project cost.
Adding a pool

The average pool project involves adding about 800 square feet of swimming space, with or without a spa. More homeowners are investing in their backyards to create a relaxing retreat. Whether you want a simple swimming pool, or a custom-designed pool house with a spa and sauna, there are many design options available.

The design of the pool house should be complimentary to the home. If the main house is stone and the pool house is stucco, the two should blend together. The colors in the pool house and the surrounding landscaping should flow together.
Choosing the right materials

Modern 2000 sq ft house plans are a great choice for those who want a house with more flexibility and space than a standard house of the same size. These plans offer multiple floors, flexible room layouts, and outdoor living areas. They are the preferred choice of many people worldwide.

The cost of a modern 2000 sq ft house is dependent on the materials that you choose. For instance, building with inferior materials will increase the overall cost. Choosing the right materials can save you money and help you meet your budget.