Modern architecture emphasizes functionality, while contemporary homes follow current trends. While the two types of architectural styles borrow from one another, they are fundamentally different. Modern homes tend to be warmer than their contemporary counterparts. Moreover, contemporary decor is often more streamlined and less ornate.
Modern architecture prioritizes function

Modern architecture is characterized by clean lines, sleek surfaces, and gentle curves. It features open-concept living spaces and is often made from different materials. Furniture and other items are designed with functionality in mind. Mid-century modern furnishings are often made of innovative plastics, such as polypropylene. These furnishings promote simplicity in living and are often indicative of the times.

Today’s architecture emphasizes function over ornament, and is typically minimalist in nature. It is different from the more ornate styles of the past, such as Victorian and Gothic Revival. Modern architecture often features clean, sharp lines. There are many different types of modern architecture, including Constructivist, Expressionist, and Mid-Century Modern.
Contemporary architecture follows current trends

Contemporary architecture is a style of architecture that follows current trends and uses a wide range of building materials. These materials include glass, aluminum screens, and concrete. This style often uses oversized plate glass windows to let in natural light and maximize the use of space. These designs also use innovative shapes. In some cases, eco-friendly materials are also used.

Today’s contemporary architecture features bright, open spaces that blend with the natural world. It also incorporates practical features to improve energy efficiency. The aesthetic appeal of open spaces is also a huge part of this style. It is practical, innovative, and creative. To enhance the appearance and functionality of your home, you should consider hiring a company that specializes in this style of architecture.
Modern decor is warmer than contemporary decor

Modern decor is often a more warm and cozy look than contemporary decor. Its inspiration comes from popular designers and magazines. Think of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth and Hand line at Target. This type of decor often features warm wood elements and off-white colors. It also focuses on a minimalist approach to decorating.

The two types of decor share many common features, but are also very different. While contemporary is more recent than modern, it emphasizes sharp lines and trendier designs.
They may borrow from each other

While modern and contemporary architectural homes may share similar traits, there are significant differences between the two. While modernist architecture is still wildly popular, contemporary design takes its cues from new trends and ideas. Modernist architecture is known for its sharp, geometric lines and low profile. It also incorporates retro Scandinavian and European design influences.

Contemporary designs borrow from modern architecture, but often use different materials, styles, and scales. They may also borrow from traditional designs and use similar construction techniques. For example, a modern house design may borrow heavily from a traditional farmhouse style house. Contemporary house plans are more fluid, allowing for more movement.