Modern is often synonymous with contemporary, but these terms have distinctly different meanings in home design. So, how do you know which style is right for your home? We’ll talk about Mid-century modern, International style, and Bauhaus. Once you have a basic understanding of each term, you’ll be able to pick a style that matches your lifestyle and tastes.
Modern house style

Modern house style is a popular design in architecture. It originated in Europe in the early 20th century and is a precursor to contemporary style. Its distinctive features include wide, open spaces, natural lighting through large windows, and sleek lines. Modern style homes typically feature high-quality windows that cost more than the average window. Modern houses are often made of durable materials to withstand different climate conditions, including earthquakes.
Mid-century modern

The Mid-century modern house style is a popular choice for homeowners today. The design features clean lines, flat roofs, and open floor plans. They also often have large glass windows and are built with natural materials. The simplicity of the architecture helps keep building costs down.
International style

In the early 20th century, architects around the world developed new architectural solutions that blended traditional precedents with new technologies and social demands. These innovations led to the rise of the International Style. Examples of these buildings include the work of Victor Horta in Brussels, Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, and Otto Wagner in Vienna. Other early proponents of this style include Charles Rennie Mackintosh of Glasgow, who was a representative of Romanticism. In addition, Philip Johnson was instrumental in the development of the International Style, co-defining it with his partner, Henry-Russell Hitchcock, and becoming a practitioner of it.

If you’re a fan of Modern architecture, you’ve probably heard of the style known as Bauhaus. Although it was established 100 years ago, the movement is still quite relevant today. There are hundreds of millions of people living in poor housing all over the world. It also represents a distinct cultural and social movement, and is often associated with progressive architecture.
Northwest style

Northwest style homes are clean and simple. This style draws inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and Mid-Century Modern, and features minimal ornamentation. The open floor plan and glazing on the outside of the house provide views of the surrounding natural surroundings.
Contemporary style

Contemporary house style focuses on the use of light colored metals and furniture. These materials are durable and contribute to the elegance of contemporary architecture. Contemporary house style also emphasizes the use of natural light. It has many benefits, including improving people’s health and saving energy.