Modern and contemporary styles are similar in many ways, but there are also differences. While modern style is often described as futuristic, contemporary design uses open spaces and eschews sterile environments. Contemporary style uses stark, saturated colors and curvier shapes. This article will highlight the differences between modern and contemporary style.
Modern style is more futuristic than contemporary style

Modern style is more futuristic and cutting-edge. It uses materials such as leather, plastic, and polished metals. The furniture is often open, which makes a room feel larger. Glass shower enclosures and floating vanities also make the room appear larger. It is the most popular style at the moment.
Contemporary style has an open space feel

A contemporary interior will have minimal decor and an open, airy feel. You won’t find ornate details and frills, so it’s best to stick with geometric forms and clean lines. Contemporary furniture is also designed with sleek lines to create a sharp appearance. Although a contemporary space should never feel crowded, it should be laid out so that the room feels spacious and open. However, it’s important not to make the room look too open, or it will feel unfinished.
It uses reflective surfaces

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are a great way to add depth and light to a space. The design firm One M2 incorporated these elements into the living room of a modern apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. The studio’s kitchen cabinets, flooring and pendant lighting were made from glossy materials like glass and chrome, which thread light throughout the living room, reflecting natural and artificial light. Using mirrors and other reflective surfaces also enhances the design of the space, accentuating the special features of the space.
It eschews sterile environments

The Modern style eschews sterility and uses soft natural lines instead of rigid geometric shapes. Sharp, straight lines are rarely seen in nature, and the home decor that mimics this natural style can evoke images of nature.