A contemporary style house usually has large expanses of glass. It also has an open-concept floor plan. Its windows are high, and extend all the way to the ceiling. It also makes use of unconventional shapes. These characteristics make it appealing to a wide variety of people.
Large panes of glass

Contemporary style homes feature large panes of glass, and many feature multiple windows. These windows are typically arranged in irregular, rectangular, or square groupings. The frames are often minimal and the ornamentation is minimal, allowing the windows to become focal points. The oversized windows blur the line between indoors and outdoors, and may even extend the width of a wall or even wrap the corners.

Contemporary homes and architecture use large spans of floor-to-ceiling glass. Traditionally, large spans of glass were seen only in commercial buildings, but thanks to modern technology and materials, large panes of glass can now be incorporated into all parts of a home or building. Large glass walls are now more affordable than ever, and manufacturers are finding new ways to create more energy-efficient and beautiful windows than ever.
Open-concept floor plan

Contemporary style houses are characterized by open-concept floor plans that allow the entire home to flow together without separating spaces. This open-concept floor plan is also ideal for smaller homes as it makes the home feel larger by removing the need for many separate rooms. The open-concept design is also flexible and is an ideal layout for families with young children.

Contemporary style houses often feature an open floor plan, which allows for socialization between the members of a family. This plan makes the kitchen and living room one continuous space, with little or no walls. This design also allows for a “mess kitchen” or butler’s pantry. This will keep the mess contained while still allowing for easy entertaining.
Modern-looking geometric shapes

A contemporary style house has clean, modern lines and a minimalist design. The exterior is typically black with a flat or dramatically angled roof. Interior spaces are open and light-filled. It is a style influenced by the art and architecture of the 20th century.

Contemporary style houses often have more than one story and incorporate structural elements. These structural elements may be painted in bold, contrasting colors or be left exposed. Interiors of contemporary houses are often uncluttered and feature geometric shapes that are devoid of curves.
Unusual shapes

A contemporary house is usually made from natural materials such as wood, brick, and stone. The architect chooses materials that will blend in well with the surrounding environment. For example, a contemporary ranch style home is made from wood and stucco, but it can also incorporate solar panels to reduce its environmental impact. Its sleek lines and simple forms give the house a contemporary look. Its wood floors and walls are typically whitewashed, allowing the natural wood grain to show through.

Contemporary houses feature clean lines and geometric shapes. Their exteriors are made of wood or glass, and they often feature flat or dramatically angled roof lines. A contemporary house has open spaces that are conducive to natural lighting and ventilation.
Natural materials

A contemporary style house features natural materials throughout the home. It is reminiscent of Craftsman-style homes but features more bold shapes and contemporary lines. These homes reflect past trends as well as future trends, while staying in tune with the environment. Many buyers seek out local builders to build their houses.

A contemporary house is characterized by large windows and bold roof lines. It uses natural materials and is a minimalist style that utilizes a lot of space and natural light. The interior is open and uncluttered, with minimal interior walls.