Contemporary design refers to a style of interior decoration that emphasizes clean lines and minimalist design. It includes the use of modern art, abstract lines, concrete, steel, and strong pops of primary colors, and rejects artificiality. Contemporary interior design does not belong to a specific time period and aims to combine the best elements of several different styles. It may take inspiration from styles like Art Deco and Minimalism, while remaining distinctly its own style.

Contemporary design is a style that is based on current trends. It emphasizes the use of natural light and sophistication in simplicity. It incorporates energy efficiency and connected technologies.
Art Deco

Art deco style was first introduced in the 1920s, but its style has evolved to be used in contemporary spaces. This bold style is often made up of bright colours and bold shapes. The style was inspired by various sources, including ancient Egyptian and Russian arts. It also took inspiration from contemporary culture, including urban imagery.

Minimalist contemporary design is a great choice for anyone looking for a clean, simple look in their home. It keeps a room feeling spacious and cozy, but doesn’t have to be bland. Minimalism emphasizes the use of simple, functional furniture and accessories, rather than decorative accents. Rather than cramming a room full of clutter, minimalist interior design favors furniture with exposed legs and floating shelves on walls. Other furniture options include ottomans with hidden storage compartments. There are also Z-racks, which are a great way to store clothes and shoes, and even swing stools that can be installed underneath a kitchen island.
Neutral colors

Neutral colors can help bring an interior design scheme together, if used carefully. While white may be the most popular color in the contemporary design world, grey is another popular choice. It is a warm and neutral color that can mimic a brighter hue. However, if it is overdone, it can become overbearing.
Clean lines

Clean lines are a popular style element in contemporary interior design. Clean lines help create a spacious, clutter-free environment. In addition, contemporary design favors clean and sleek furnishings with minimal detailing. The clean lines and beautiful shapes of contemporary furnishings blend well with the overall design, which focuses on comfort.
Expression of now

Contemporary design is a style that expresses the present time, often combining elements of the industrial age with glossiness and modern materials. This style emphasizes transparency and cleanliness, and is often minimal, with a clean color palette and a feeling of spaciousness. This style also tends to include a larger amount of glass and larger windows.