There are many different styles of houses. These can range from the Craftsman style to the Victorian style. If you’re thinking of buying a house, you should know the differences between each style. For example, the Victorian style is considered more traditional than the Craftsman style. However, if you’re thinking of building a ranch-style house, you’ll find that the Ranch style is the most popular style.
Craftsman style

Often called the Craftsman style house design, a Craftsman style modular home has a large open concept floor plan, with kitchen, dining, and living rooms open to one another. These homes are characterized by large windows and vaulted ceilings. They have an inviting front porch.

Craftsman style houses often lack storage space, but you can add arts and crafts style cabinets and bookshelves. If you’re not a fan of dramatic home designs, you might want to include some shiplap, which blends in well with other woods.
Victorian style

Victorian style house design is a classic style that was popular during the Victorian era. This period saw an increase in the middle class and the ability to afford more extravagant home decor. Victorian style houses were filled with colorful objects and emphasized a busy look. It contrasted with the more minimalist style of modern homes.

Many Victorian houses featured elaborate crown molding and built-in bookcases. They were also frequently adorned with wrought ironwork and stained glass. Wood was also popular during this time.
Art Deco style

Adding Art Deco style to a house can be as simple as using the colors and materials of the period. While the style focuses on the use of color, precious metals and other luxurious materials, the right furniture and accessories can bring out the design’s playful side. For example, a dining table with geometric shapes and polished brass details is a great choice for an Art Deco-inspired dining room. The Annali Console features a graphic silhouette and geometric design that reminds us of Art Deco skyscrapers. A sideboard made of beautiful materials and a nautical aesthetic is another excellent choice for a house in this style.

The art deco style was popular in the early twentieth century and was part of the Modern Movement, an effort to break with previous revivalist precedents. The style first gained public attention during a design competition in 1922 for the Chicago Tribune Headquarters. Eliel Saarinen’s submission, which was not chosen, was widely publicized. The style was also embraced and promoted at the 1925 Exposition des Arts Decoratifs.
Ranch style

If you are looking to design your own home, a ranch style house design might be the way to go. This style of house is typically open and has a simple, rustic aesthetic. Using rugs to separate rooms in a ranch house can make it feel less open. As far as color schemes go, a ranch style house should stick to light neutrals, like white.

A typical ranch house has one or two levels of living space, and has an open floor plan. The kitchen and living room are often located on the same level. Many ranches also have basements, which can be useful for storage or for protection against tornadoes.