A modern house design makes use of unique storage spaces to help keep the house organized and tidy. They use storages for different things and have ceiling-height cabinets to save space and avoid accumulating dust. These house designs also make use of high ceilings and use furniture that fits the space.
Multipurpose spaces

Multipurpose spaces are a great way to make a room more functional. They are perfect for accommodating multiple people or families and can be designed in a way to accommodate various uses.
Striking materials

Striking materials are an important aspect of contemporary house design. The right materials for your home will be functional and true to its setting. Fortunately, it is easy to find a variety of striking materials for your home.
Unique storage areas

Unique storage areas are a great way to keep your house looking neat and clean. You can use different storage areas for different things in the same room, and it’s especially helpful to have hanging cabinets in the kitchen. These can save a lot of space and can reach the ceiling, which keeps dust and other debris from accumulating. Using furniture that suits the space you have is also crucial.
Neutral colour scheme

If you are looking for a neutral colour scheme for your modern house design, you might want to start with a grey colour scheme. This is a cool, neutral shade that works well with wood tones and natural textures. Depending on the space, you can mix in various shades of this colour as accents.
Rectangular exteriors

Rectangular exteriors are a popular design choice for modern house architecture. This style is distinguished by its clean lines and modern approach. The aesthetics of this house design are one of the most sought after by prospective home buyers.
Flat or slanted roof-lines

Modern house designs often have flat or slanted roof-lines. A flat roof is not only visually pleasing, it is also easier to build. A slanted roof will look unnatural and awkward. A flat roof also gives the building added height. This type of roof also gives the owner the option of installing a roof deck if desired.
Super straight lines

Modern house design combines square or rectangular exteriors with super straight lines. It also makes use of large expanses of glass, helping to create a sense of space and indoor/outdoor flow. A monochromatic color scheme is another feature of modern house plans.

Basements can be a great place for extra bedrooms. They can also add value to your home and allow you to remain in a popular neighborhood. They can also create an atmosphere of coziness. To achieve this, you can choose warm colors, such as grey, and accent walls in shades of mint green or light yellow. You can also install a multi-level lighting system to help make the space more appealing.
Drive-under garages

Drive-under garages are great for sloped lots, allowing for elevated living areas. Many vacation homes feature this type of floor plan. Additionally, they can provide better views of surrounding landscapes. Drive-under garage plans are flexible and can be customized to fit any exterior style.