When it comes to building a new home, the most inexpensive style is a simple box house. These homes are rectangular or square in shape, making them easier to build. They also cost less to construct than a sprawling one-story home, which is a popular style in most cities. However, if you want more space, you may want to consider building a multi-story home. Adding shutters, landscaping, and lighting to the exterior can give a box house a more attractive look.
Manufactured and mobile homes

Manufactured and mobile homes are popular and affordable styles of housing. They are made on a steel chassis and can be moved easily. The downside of these homes is that they do not hold their value as well as stick-built homes.
Colonial homes

In Texas, colonial homes are one of the most popular styles of houses. They have been around for more than 300 years and are still popular today. They are multi-level and traditionally feature the common areas on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second or third floor. They can also include a mother-in-law suite or game room. The colonial style of house is also known for its well-petitioned rooms, which offer privacy and space.
Glass cladding

Glass cladding is an excellent way to enhance the look of any building and is relatively cheap. In addition to this, it is also easy to install. Glass cladding is commonly used on commercial buildings. The process involves laying down a base of brick cladding tiles or stone on top of which the glass panes are fixed. This method helps to prevent the glass from being blown off by strong winds. Glass cladding can also increase the value of a building because of its chic and elegant appearance.
Stone cladding

Stone cladding is one of the most affordable ways to give a new look to your house. You can choose from many different styles and types of stone. Wholesalers have years of experience shipping heavy stones and can provide you with many different sizes, colors, and textures. Stone cladding is a great choice for both interior and exterior design projects.
Bamboo cladding

Bamboo is a sustainable material and can be used in many different styles of house. Bamboo poles can be used to build a simple grass-roof shack or a stylish and functional family home. Because bamboo is so inexpensive, it is a great option for building a house without breaking the bank. Its resilience increases after being coated with polyurethane. It also adds a tropical touch to your home.
Open floor plan

An open floor plan is a style that offers many benefits. First of all, it costs less to build and decorate than a house with separate rooms. You’ll save money on the walls, doors, hardware, paint and labor. This money can be used for other things. Another perk is that an open floor plan makes decorating easier. Instead of deciding between a variety of colors and themes, you can choose just one color scheme for the entire house.
Container homes

The first question you might have when thinking of building a container home is how much it will cost you. The most common answer is around $184,000, but that doesn’t take into account the land you will need to place it on. Depending on where you live, land can be as expensive as several hundred thousand dollars.
Dome homes

A dome home is one of the most inexpensive styles of house to build and can be finished in a shorter time. It is also easier to maintain and clean than a conventional home. These unique homes are ideal for those who want a vacation home on a budget, or who plan to spend only a short time in the home. They are built with sturdy materials, are spacious, and typically come with a kitchen and bathroom. They allow the occupants to spend more time in the outdoors.