When choosing a style for your home, there are several factors to consider. A contemporary design usually features clean lines and smooth surfaces. You can use soft colors and a wide range of textures. You don’t need much adornment with this type of style. A beautiful headboard is a prime example of contemporary design.

A modern home design blends elements of the past with modern features. Exposed structural pieces are often seen, as are natural materials such as wood and stone. Incorporating both of these elements creates a unique aesthetic. Modern homes should be functional, yet they should also be aesthetically pleasing. To add character to your modern home, consider including fireplaces or bricks on walls.

The exterior of a modern home features large massing elements and clean, sloping or flat rooflines. This type of home design also uses natural materials whenever possible, with minimal structural add-ons. This versatile style allows for a lot of customization. Modern homes are aesthetically pleasing and offer plenty of room for personalizing and expressing your own style.

Modern home designs are a great choice for those who want to save money on their energy bills. They make use of natural materials and muted colors, which create an ambiance of calmness. They are also flexible enough to allow you to grow or downsize your home as necessary. They also use energy-efficient appliances and other sustainable building materials, making them environmentally friendly.
Art Deco

The use of luxurious materials is an integral part of the art deco style in home design. This style is often associated with gold, which was associated with technology and the new, rich industries of the time. This gold was also used in the furniture and fabrics of the era. Colors were typically neutral, but sometimes bright colors and other materials were used for extra flair.

The use of geometric lines is one of the most common features of this style, and it incorporates industrial influences into the design. Many interiors feature stylised motifs and rare woods. Other prominent materials used were marble, aluminium, and chrome. Two-dimensional bronze murals were also common. The style also drew inspiration from the automobile.

Modern homeowners can incorporate contemporary art deco design into their existing home decor. This style of architecture uses geometric forms, which create a sleek look. It also uses bright colors and chrome inlays.
Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts themes are characterized by their attention to detail and their use of quality materials. This style also places emphasis on mimesis, a style that makes use of natural objects and incorporates them into the design of the home. For example, Arts and crafts architecture often features large wooden exposed beams, rectangular windows framed in wood, and other elements that are reminiscent of nature.

Arts and crafts homes generally have smaller rooms and are built using locally available materials. They also typically avoid open floor plans. In addition, they typically feature upholstered furniture, wooden decorations, and a working fireplace. You’ll also likely find rugs on the hardwood floors. Arts and crafts homes are also characterized by their interiors, which are often bright and airy.

Craftsmen often used a combination of wood and iron to build their homes. Iron was often used for handles and pins, and most cabinets were made of wood. The floors and doors were usually made of wood and would have iron grates. They also used geometry and symmetry to create even proportions.