Modern architecture isn’t what it used to be. It’s not participatory or adaptable. Instead, it’s factory-made and built for people who don’t poop. This isn’t beautiful, and it doesn’t make us happy. But it is a way of life.
Modern architecture is a philosophy

Modern architecture is a philosophical movement that focuses on experimentation and rejecting the “rules” of traditional architecture. This movement was first conceived during the mid-twentieth century, following World War I, and was the result of a convergence between advances in engineering, building materials, and health. These advances also made possible the development of new aesthetic styles.
It is a design style

Modern architecture is a style of design that emphasizes minimal decoration and exposed structural surfaces. This style is often associated with civic buildings and institutional buildings. Other characteristics of modern architecture include the use of angular frames, low profiles, and neutral colors. In addition, this style emphasizes the influence of materials and voids.
It is a form of art

Architecture is a complex form of art. Its definition is not arbitrary, but can vary from person to person. Usually, modern architecture involves geometric forms and minimal ornamentation. Its aesthetic is also less sentimental and experimental than the classic styles. It focuses more on function than ornamentation, and is an extreme departure from traditional, elaborately decorated houses.
It is a way of life

Modern architecture began with the Industrial Revolution, which drastically changed the way people lived. New materials allowed architects to create taller structures and more open floor plans. These innovations became a symbol of the modernist architectural aesthetic.
It is democratic

The debate about whether architecture can promote democracy is as old as architecture itself. It is important for architects to consider the impact of their buildings on the democratic process. Architects should aim to build spaces that allow citizens to enact democracy wherever they are. Whether they do this through architecture, art, or other means is a question that must be answered by the community at large.
It is sophisticated

While some people consider modern architecture to be “simple,” it’s actually a highly sophisticated style. This style is based on the principle that simple things are often more elegant than complex ones. One example of this is the use of clean and crisp lines to highlight vertical and horizontal elements. These lines also help elevate the structure of a building. Many modern mansions incorporate sharp lines into their designs.
It is abstract

Modern architecture is an art form that explores the abstract qualities of space. Abstract art emerged in the early twentieth century, when many painters began to incorporate architectural principles into their abstract compositions. Artists such as Kazimir Malevich called their work architectonics, and they experimented with extrapolating ideas from paintings to three-dimensional spaces.