Generally, modern houses have clean lines and minimal embellishments. They also feature open floor plans. They are also built with modern materials. A good example of a modern house is one with a large expanse of glass. The color palette is neutral. In addition, the interior has clean lines and geometric shapes.
Large expanses of glass

Large expanses of glass are a common feature in modern homes. They help to blend indoor and outdoor spaces. The Waverley residence, for example, was designed to make the living spaces feel more connected to the outdoors. Its glass wall is 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Its glass came from the same manufacturer that made the curtainwalls for Apple stores.
Clean lines

Clean lines and geometric shapes are what define a modern home. They also have wide open floor plans and are intentional in their decoration. Typically, a modern home will have fewer objects and only the most essential ones.
Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are making a comeback as a design trend in homes. These shapes, which have been used in design since antiquity, have clean lines and bold colors. They are also a popular choice for interior and exterior design, owing to their versatility.
Neutral color palettes

Neutral color schemes are perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere in your house. They allow the eye to easily take in a space without distraction. While neutral colors are often considered boring, they can add some unique features to your space.
Natural light

One of the hottest home trends today is to include natural light in the design of a home. It has numerous benefits, including increased comfort and productivity. Natural light also enhances a house’s color and texture. It is also known to have a calming effect on humans.
Storage space

Storage space can be a great way to minimize the size of a room, while also creating a sense of space and comfort. In addition to making a room feel more open, storage space also allows you to organize your belongings and keep them close at hand. One great home with a generous amount of storage space is the THD-5750 (‘Bluebonnet,’ under 1,500 square feet), which includes an optional third bathroom and a walk-in closet for storage.