Modern house designs are very open, minimalist, and connect people to the natural world. They feature many strategically placed windows, a single, continuous living space, and minimal walls between rooms to allow for more natural light. There is also a focus on horizontally-oriented construction.
Open concept floor plans

Open concept floor plans are a great way to create a spacious atmosphere with less square footage. They also let sunlight flow throughout the entire home, making it ideal for a large family or entertaining guests. Open floor plans also make it easier to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility issues. They can also improve the quality of life in the home by making it more functional for people of all ages.

Open concept floor plans are very popular nowadays. In fact, the American Institute of Architects has created a survey to measure how popular open concept floor plans are. Many modern houses now feature no more than two separate rooms, allowing more people to work and live in the same space.
Minimalist design

Modern houses are characterized by a simple design that emphasizes function over decoration. They have clean lines, monochromatic interiors, and oversized windows, and their exteriors are typically white. This modern style also often features a contemporary roofline. Some homes were designed with the landscape in mind, and the roof lines may resemble the surrounding environment. They may also feature large windows with expansive views of the landscape.

One way to tell if a house is modern is by its color scheme. Modern homes tend to have a monochromatic colour scheme, and the walls are usually white or black. There may be one pop of green, such as from a houseplant. Modern kitchens also tend to have minimal styling, and the materials used to create them are often white or black.
Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are a common feature in modern homes. They can be used to accent a house’s architecture and appeal. For example, you can replace the staircase with a geometric design. Instead of a straight rail, geometric staircases have triangular shelving for a reading nook, or shoe storage. They also take up less space. You can also choose a linear rail to add a sleek modern look to the space.

Each house has a certain geometric shape. The exterior of some houses is angular, while others are shaped like a mountain. Modern house designs often feature different materials and textures. Many houses are designed to be unique, with the architect’s style taking into account the surroundings and needs of the people who live in them.