A modern house plan is an architectural style that incorporates many modern elements into the design of the home. It is highly customizable, making it a perfect option for a wide variety of homes. From luxury interior layouts to smaller, more modest designs, modern home plans are available for every taste. These architectural styles can be adapted to any style or personality, and they embody geometric forms and open floor plans.
Open floor plans

Open floor plans are a common design element in modern house plans. Open floor plans are ideal for people who need more space in their home, but also need more privacy. These designs are more open than traditional floor plans and have fewer doorways than traditional designs. This type of design also lends itself to barrier-free design, which can be helpful for people with mobility issues.
Lots of glass

Modern house plans are characterized by large amounts of glass and steel. They have dramatic views from the street, are sleek and simple, and are designed with strong, crisp lines. They are popular because of their stunning aesthetics.
Slanted rooflines

Slanted rooflines on modern house plans add a bold character to a home, giving the structure a modern look. Slanted roofs also allow for greater ceiling height and windows, which increases the amount of natural light entering the home. They are also great for sheltering a large outdoor entertaining area.
Minimalist exterior design

The minimalist exterior design of a house can make your home stand out. The simple white and wood exterior paired with black window coverings and wooden front door can create an air of clean simplicity. This house plan from Studio Klink in the Netherlands is simple yet effective in making a statement. Its wood front door and grey garage door add warmth to the white exterior.
Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the main concerns when it comes to building a new house. A modern house plan focuses on maximizing the use of natural light, which can help you cut energy bills. By keeping interior walls as low as possible, you can allow more natural light to enter your home and lower the need for artificial lighting. In addition, natural light is a mood enhancer and helps you sleep better. It also helps reinforce natural rhythms and relieves stress.